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Escuelita Finca mia is a cooperative learning center located in the mountain- jungle community of Los Angeles de Rivas, Costa Rica, and provides a learning experience for the local children of the surrounding area based on activities that are inspired by montessori and Waldorf methodologies, with an emphasis on joyful learning in nature, creative minds, and compassionate hearts. 

Our mission

Our mission is to teach by example, how to live with empathy, practice compassionate communication skills, be playful and healthy, and have a deep love for ourselves, for all beings, and for our mother earth.

Through kinetic learning and nature explorations, the children are able to carry a greater understanding of themselves and their world throughout life.   The children of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

We're Fundraising for Conscious Growth and Expansion

Help Finca Mia raise funds for La Escuelita. This local community school in Los Angeles de Rivas, Costa Rica plays an important role to provide education for children of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten ages. As the school community grows, La Escuelita needs to grow with it.


With the help of your donation, La Escuelita will be able to provide education to more children from local villages and enable our all important school teacher to attend Waldorf teacher training. In furthering our own learning can the children's learning also grow. 


It is with a heart of gratitude that we reach out to the local and global community to help us with this important project. Each donation is unique and received with compassion from the heart of our community. Your donations make a difference to the children, their future and the world around all of us.

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our story

Our project curriculum is focused on play, community involvement, kindness and curiosity. We nurture formative experiences in nature as a pathway to connect one’s sense of identity to the protection and stewardship of our earth’s resources.

Currently in its fourth year, our school grew from the support and inspirations of the Finca Mia family and the desires and labors of a group of mothers from the community. Escuelilta fills an important need in the Los Angeles and Canaan communities that have public schools that do not offer pre kinder and kinder curriculum.  It is giving the possibility for many local mothers to provide a creative, social environment for their young children.

At Escuelita Finca Mia, all children are valued as unique and growing members of our vibrant community. Curiosity building and play is central to our passions and we emphasize cooperation and caring in every part of the day. Let's develop a lifelong love of learning and compassion in every child.

Escuelita schedule
Escuelita meets three days per week at the schoolhouse Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings.  On Fridays the class unites at the the Finca Mia Yoga Studio for yoga practice.

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