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We're Fundraising for Conscious Growth and Expansion

Escuelita Finca Mia is essential in educating the children of the Chirripo Valley and the surrounding area.

 Established in 2015 and built upon the dreams of a few local families,  we have grown thanks to the generosity of an outstanding local and global community that has supported us throughout our journey.


As our community grows, so does the need for Escuelita to grow with it. In 2024, we face many urgent financial needs as we expand to include second through 5th grade levels. We continue to sponsor our five Costa Rican school teachers through international Waldorf training and have also nearly completed obtaining our Ministry of Education accreditation from the Costa Rican government. 


With your donation, we will allow Escuelita to educate more children from local villages through scholarships and continue cultivating values of compassion, kindness, and respect in the next generation.


Your contribution immediately and positively impacts our world and is deeply appreciated.



We offer three giving options: 

PayPal, Amazon gift, and credit card or bank transfer.


Give using Paypal with the link below

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Bring on the Easy Button! Life is busy, so we offer a "push the easy button!" option - a curated Amazon Wish List (ranging from items as low as $10 to higher-priced items). Click below for the wishlist, and items ship directly to the school once purchased. Or ship to yourself and bring us the gift to Costa Rica in your luggage!

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Give Using a Credit Card or 

Bank Transfer

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